Chord Buddy... Play guitar instantly

Chord Buddy

  • Push a button and play a chord.
  • Play a Song in 10 min
  • Play G, C, D and Em chords
  • 17 Video lessons
  • 2 Month Lesson Plan
  • Songs to Play, in the key of ”G”.
  • Fits electrical guitar and steel string acoustic guitar


Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System and Practice Aid Review

The Chord Buddy as seen on Shark Tank is an amazing step by step guitar learning device. This device along with the training system teaches you how to play the guitar step by step over the course of two months.

In two months you will be playing the guitar like a pro without the aid of the Chord Buddy. Think of the Chord Buddy as training wheels for the guitar. As you get the hand placement and the rhythm down you will start removing pieces of the chord buddy.

At the end of two months you will have removed all four pieces and playing virtually any song you may want to learn and play.

This is a great training tool and will save you so much money over the cost of guitar lessons in the long run.

Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System and Practice Aid

The Chord Buddy makes it easy to learn guitar chords. Being that most of you reading this have probably never played this will be a great tool to use to learn the basics on the guitar.

It is a simple devise that fits on any guitar and allows you to play today. Once you are playing you will learn the basic guitar chords for playing practically any song out there. This is such a neat device that anyone can use. I love it and you will too.

What you get

  1. ChordBuddy
  2. Instruction Book
  3. Companion DVD with a 2 Month Lesson Plan
  4. ChordBuddy Songbook with over 100 Songs
  5. Works on acoustic and electric guitars
  6. Helps you make the C, D, G, & E minor Chords

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sakura0822 1 month ago

Just by watching the videos, I feel really amazed to this product. Actually I'm a beginner and I take online guitar lessons. I am looking forward to buy one of this Chord Buddy to backup my online lessons.

rick grubb 5 months ago 

 The thing about the chord buddy that is unique is that you can teach yourself quickly. yes you will need to build up your finger pad but you will need to do that anyways without the chord buddy. The main purpose of it is to teach you hand placement, sound, and rythmn first. Then after you have mastered that you can move on.

Mrobertson 2 months ago

I don't expect the chord buddy to make me a great guitar player, just advance what little skills I have , invite me to play more and create more enjoyment by playing.

Start playing TODAY

chord buddy arrowOnly $229

Pay Via Paypal